Work for Australia’s leading Commercial Signage Brand working on the industries largest projects and best brands!
Be mentored by the industry’s leading head of projects
Opportunity to become Regional Manager down the
Work from Home Flexibility / Project Management / No Sales & Quote Work
Full Job Description
Are you working on projects and clients that don’t excited you and aren’t building your CV to where you want it to be?
Are you not being able to do what you do best which is deliver amazing projects as you are having to deal with quotes and sales?
Is your leader not someone you are learning from or look up to and the rest of the team just aren’t very inspiring?
Don’t get any flexibility to Work from Home?
Founded with a collaborative mindset and inspiring mission: to push the boundaries of what’s possible in custom signage in the built environment and today are recognised as Australia’s leading authority on custom signage, partnering with top creative agencies, architects, developers, fit-out, refurbishment and interior design companies to bring their creative visions to life.
First of all this role has come up as the last person just got promoted, so this could be your new role but also the next one after that!
As a Project Manager, you’ll have the chance to take the reins on a variety of commercial projects, ranging from $100K to $1M+ focusing on approximately 3 x large scale projects at one time whilst also managing the smaller ones.
What sets this role apart is dedication to providing you with the tools and support you need to excel in your role. They believe in empowering project managers to bring projects to life and make a real impact.
As part of a commitment to your well-being, they offer the flexibility to work from home one day a week.
Prepare for your career to skyrocket as you work on the best and largest commercial projects.

The experience and success you gain will make a remarkable impact on your professional profile. It’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise on a grand scale and position yourself as a top-tier project manager in the industry.
Top Class Leadership
You’ll have the privilege of working alongside an esteemed Head of Projects. who is widely recognized as one of the best in the country when it comes to project development and leadership.
Their guidance, mentorship, and wealth of knowledge will nurture your skills, helping you reach new heights in your career.
Expand Your Network
By working with the best talent in the industry and collaborating with top agencies, your contacts and professional network will flourish.
The connections you make will be invaluable, providing you with endless possibilities for future collaborations, career advancement, and personal growth.

Building relationships with industry leaders opens doors to exciting new ventures and opportunities.
Focus on Delivering
Leave the sales aspect behind and concentrate solely on what you do best – delivering outstanding projects.
They believe in empowering Project Managers to excel in their core competency, allowing you to focus your energy on managing and executing projects to perfection.
World-Class Studio
Step into a world-class studio environment that sets the bar high for excellence.
A state-of-the-art facility provides you with the tools and resources needed to elevate your work to new heights. From cutting-edge technology to top-of-the-line equipment, we ensure you have everything you need to shine.
Up to $110K + Super + Car or Car Allowance
*You must have some sort of project management experience in any field related to signage, joinery, construction, marketing, events, retail etc.*
You need to be someone that will be willing to work with forward thinking people, that work at a fast pace and aren’t down with old school mindsets.
Hit the apply button and send your CV, or if you don’t have it updated don’t worry, give ** an email or direct message#J-18808-Ljbffr


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